Today's NUTRITIONALLY SAVVY CUSTOMERS demand a quality NATURAL BROAD diet for their pet birds.   


The Quality Pioneer & LEADING BRAND for 30 years!
We changed the bird food industry from a seedy business.
Costs  up to 80% less than seed! 

50 enticing MOSTLY HUMAN GRADE Ingredients such as pistachio nuts, cashews, 4 kinds of peppers, whole grains, generous fruits like papaya, peaches, pineapple, banana chips, veggies, pasta shapes, legumes, healthy herbs like ginger and garlic.. more! GENEROUSLY HANDPACKED!

We will get automatic shipments at any interval you choose!    
                             CRAZY CORN MEANS COMPASSION & VALUE!  1/4 THE COST of deficient birdseed!
The no. 1 killer of pet birds since kept in captivity was their seed diet!  Seed is nutritionally like white rice, almost devoid of nutrients.  Judee Kleinman pioneered Crazy Corn to provide birds with a broad healthy natural diet.  Her products include 50  mostly human grade foods.  Over the decades, she has NEVER DECREASED THE QUALITY!
                                                                 50 ENTICING NATURAL INGREDIENTS!
Pistachio nuts, cashews, dates, peaches, pineapple, apples, bananas, papaya, 7 types  beans including soy beans,  barley, red and black whole chili pods, walnuts, fun pasta shapes, veggie pastas, raisins  lentils, peas, red melon & squash seeds, sweet potato, rolled corn.  Enticing spices like orange peel, ginger, fennel,  cinnamon sticks, garlic. 
                                     FASTEST,   EASIEST WAY TO GIVE HEALTHY DIET!       E C O N O M I C A L !!
 Cook ahead every few months, freeze packets, keep some ready in fridge to serve in seconds. 
 TIP:  reheat in microwave  for exciting NURTURING  food, like Mama's food served in the nest!
                                                                          TRY ALL 5 PRODUCTS!  
                                    ORIGINAL CORN BEAN MIX
                                                    RAINFOREST RICE PUDDIN'
                                                                                                 KUNG FU YUM
      1/4 THE COST OF SEED because CRAZY CORN EXPANDS!  Not 75% seed hull waste/mess.


Simply cook up a big batch, freeze excess for MONTHS of CONVENIENCE.

Serves in seconds. Easily combat dangerous seed-only diet malnutrition.

      See a sick bird get his health, spirit, and beauty back with Crazy Corn®!